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What Are Sydney Family Lawyers?

Have you ever thought of becoming one of the many Sydney family lawyers roaming the courts in NSW? Maybe as a child you were fascinated by books about crime, be it family, or otherwise. Maybe you loved those American crime series showing the disappearance of the young child and the eventual court case bringing the perpetrator to justice. Or you had relatives that lived their life in the courts. Every day was spent buried in paperwork or presenting a case to a judge. Hours upon hours researching different criminal topics. But you didn’t see that, you saw the excitement from the TV shows mixed in with the everyday thought of helping put away bad guys and help justice be served.

All attorneys, Sydney family lawyers included, can take many benefits from the hard work put but what are they?


Job satisfaction

There may be no greater feeling than helping someone in need. Whether it’s giving food to a homeless person cold on the streets or even something as dramatic as saving a person’s life, that feeling having done a good deed is unparalleled. How about doing that every day and getting paid handsomely for it. Of course, there is enormous pressure knowing that the work you do can alter the trajectory of not just one life but those of everyone who cares about them. For example, the work of Sydney family lawyers may tear families apart in order to help them, a feeling that can’t be a good one


Financial rewards

Sydney family lawyers get paid a lot along with every other attorney. Starting salary for an attorney is very favourable compared to other industries. While spending years trying to qualify for the bar and another few years, doing what can come close to slave labour as you try to prove yourself becoming a specialist, will leave you very well off in the long run. Not having to worry about your financial situation can have a positive impact on your work life, leaving you to help the clients that you’re working with to improve their lives.



Most of us like to argue, it’s stimulating and shows that we care about something. Most of us don’t do it for a day job though. If you think you like arguing, think about how much an attorney likes it. Some lawyers never get the chance to argue a case in court, many Sydney family lawyers will find themselves in this group, but others will find themselves standing in front of a court room every week arguing something new. If your passion is proving people wrong and getting a small group of people to agree with you then a life in the courts is the one for you. A nice bonus for helping people.



There is nothing worse than staring at a computer screen, feeling like you’d rather be anywhere else in the world. The minutes tick by as if they were days, while days feel like months. You feel your brain turn to mush and it’s not a nice feeling. However, working as a lawyer will leave you mentally stimulated, maybe too much so. Legal theories can be complex so there is no such thing as phoning it in when people’s lives are at risk


Sydney family lawyers have a tougher task than most attorneys. They deal with sensitive issues often times involving the splitting up of families. It can be a hard environment to work within and even though the many positives of this line of work has been outlined, there are of course drawbacks which may weigh heavy on those spending every day in the industry.