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Countries with the Strictest Laws

While every country has their own set of rules to maintain the discipline of the individuals’ safety and well-being in a country, there are a few countries that take things to the extreme. These countries are, in fact, even know for their extreme rules and regulations.
Some are considered so strict, that it even seems that they’re not relevant to the age we live in today. If you think about the year 2018, the last two decades have implemented a lot of change. It is especially true when it comes to the change that has been brought to the shores of most countries, such as the internet, as well as using it to improve the lives of the world we live in today.
Since the internet is primarily used to spread information, thinking that the strictest country in the world, North Korea, doesn’t have any access to the internet, is completely crazy as no access to the internet, means a greater means of control over a country, and its people.

The 3 Countries with the Worst Laws

1 North Korea
There is no internet access allowed in North Korea, at least not without permission, which adds to the bigger reality of a country that is controlled from within.
North Korea is the only remaining country that is entirely communist. Order and regulations within the borders of this country are extremely strict, and all activity of everyone in the country is tracked. Can you imagine spending every minute of your life being watched, and above all, not being able to live freely, the way you want to?
With no access to life outside of their country, the fate of individuals living in North Korea is met, a lifetime in one country, without having access to the world. No tourists from the U.S, nor South Korea are allowed in North Korea. Those who wish to visit the country, are only able to do so with a personal escort, which is referred to as a minder.
These minders are selected to follow the tourists around and ensure they don’t break laws. Breaking any law, or even speaking against it within the country, is extremely dangerous, and could lead to immediate imprisonment.

2 Syria
It seems that the internet is a helpful source in a country of struggle, as it is banned from the countries that are not allowed to seek help.
Syria is one such country. With no access to mobile or telephonic conversation, many journalists who enter the country are tortured, and most are killed.
There is no connection allowed to foreign people, nor governments and any news occurring around the world. The government controls all press within the country. Since Syria is a war zone, there is thus not much anyone can do to help the nation, nor its people.


3 Iran
When any form of adultery is committed, women are given a far worse punishment than men, and it includes stoning.
When a woman is found guilty, she is buried till the neck and stoned. If she survives, she is sentenced to prison for a lifetime, while men are also buried, but only to their waist and if they confess, are set completely free.
When are Laws Considered a Crime Against Humanity?
Every country needs laws, but in cases like the countries listed above, there is such a thing as lawful crimes against humanity. It should never be permitted to punish an entire country for the judgement of one man, whether that might be a dictator or several people that consider one sin’s punishment, to be torture or death.
Freedom should be permitted to all humans, except in the case of breaking a law that is implemented, as well as make sense to humankind for the rest of the world.